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When three Central Queensland farming families got together in 1987, Tropical Pineapples was formed as Australia’s first combined pineapple packing and marketing operation. Since then, Tropical Pineapples has led the development in packing, quality assurance, distribution and supply relationships. Quite simply, they combine the production from their families farms and create a consistent supply of high quality product to their customers all year round.

Based in Yeppoon, on the Tropic of Capricorn in Central Queensland; Tropical Pineapples have over 20 growers and a network of three packing sheds throughout Queensland. The geographical spread begins just north of Brisbane and extends right up to the southern borders of Cairns. This spread allows them to supply fresh, sweet pineapples to their consumers for twelve months every year.

They are the largest supplier of fresh pineapples in the Australian market and pack over 12 million pineapples annually. Tropical Pineapples supply Woolworths, Coles and Aldi directly, along with the food service industry and independent retailers and greengrocers, through every major state market.

“Pure Gold” by Tropical Pineapples was launched in 2012 and is now stocked in the best retailers across the country. The essence of Pure Gold is freshness, quality and consistency.  Tropical Pineapples pride themselves on the availability and supply of the best quality eating pineapples every month of the year.

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